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Concrete and Aggregate Testing

Nelson Testing Laboratories® supports concrete and aggregate-related material producers and suppliers by evaluating and confirming product performance through independent testing standards. AASHTO (AMRL) and CCRL (ASTM) accredit Nelson Testing Laboratories® according to ASTM C1077 specifically for providing concrete and aggregate testing services. Hundreds of test methods from ASTM, AASHTO, Army Corps of Engineers (CRD), individual state departments of transportation and other testing-related entities are performed by Nelson Testing Laboratories® each year. Below is a list of product types we currently test along with an abbreviated list of related specifications and test methods.


Test Methods

  • ASTM C39 (compressive strength)
  • ASTM C42 (coring)
  • ASTM C78 (flexural strength)
  • ASTM C157 (length change)
  • ASTM C138 (density)
  • ASTM C143 (slump)
  • ASTM C173 (air content – volumetric)
  • ASTM C231 (air content – pressure)
  • ASTM C403 (set time)
  • ASTM C469 (modulus of elasticity)
  • ASTM C496 (splitting tensile strength)
  • ASTM C672 (salt scaling)
  • ASTM C666 Procedure A and B (freeze-thaw resistance)
  • ASTM C1202 (rapid chloride permeability)
  • ASTM C1556 (determining apparent chloride diffusion coefficient of cementitious mixtures by bulk diffusion )



  • ASTM C494 (chemical admixtures for concrete)
  • ASTM C260 (air-entraining admixtures for concrete)

Test Methods

  • ASTM C39 (compressive strength)
  • ASTM C78 (flexural strength)
  • ASTM C157 (length change)
  • ASTM C232 (bleed water)
  • ASTM C233 (air-entraining admixtures for concrete)
  • ASTM C666 (freeze-thaw resistance)
  • CRD-C 661 (anti-washout)



  • ASTM C33 (concrete aggregates)

Test Methods

  • ASTM C29 (bulk density)
  • ASTM C40 (organic impurities)
  • ASTM C88 (soundness)
  • ASTM C117 (materials finer than 75-µm)
  • ASTM C123 (lightweight particles)
  • ASTM C131 (los angeles abrasion)
  • ASTM C136 (sieve analysis)
  • ASTM C142 (clay lumps and friable particles)
  • ASTM C227 (potential alkali reactivity)
  • ASTM C535 (los angeles abrasion)
  • ASTM C1260 (alkali-silica reaction)
  • ASTM C1293 (alkali-silica reaction)
  • ASTM C1567 (alkali-silica reaction)



  • ASTM C387 (prepackaged concrete)


Test Methods

  • ASTM C42 (cores and beams)
  • ASTM C78 (flexural strength)
  • ASTM C1140 (shotcrete panels)
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